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Steve or Fiction?

It's been a little while since my last post, I hope everyone is doing OK, I've had my first Covid vaccination so I'm feeling invincible again! LOL truth is I haven't felt that way since my 20's but hey!.

So onto business, Steve or Fiction? I've been busy behind the scenes rebranding my music Catalog, for a while all my music whether it was Gospel or Secular was being released as Steve Counsel, I found that this approach was playing havoc with Spotify's algorithm which had problems placing the music on the correct playlist so from now on search for Steve Counsel for Worship and Gospel Rock. Or Steve Fiction & The Rockin' Rebel Psy-Fi for Psych Rock and Blues. There lot's of new releases in both Genres please check them and don't forget to follow me, that way you'll get all the new releases straight away. If you don't have Spotify but use Apple or Google etc just do a search and both artist profiles will be there.

Steve Counsel

Steve Fiction

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