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Beauty For Ashes & The Oil Of Joy!

My new single Beauty For Ashes is now exclusively available for free download on

I decided to release it first through my website before the commercial sites such as Spotify etc. is growing and morphing into a hub for all things related to my music both present and past, it's quite exciting to have everything in one place.

You'll find featured here my Rock'n Roll Gospel collection for download and on CD.

My current Steve Fiction Psych Pop/Rock recordings, which will blow your mind baby! (Austin Powers voice required)

Miles Over Matter recordings from the 80's,

And if you like my Harmonica playing on the Blues side of things.The HipShakers, current releases as well as the Legendary Gilbert Place Tapes also recorded in London in 1988.

As well as the critically acclaimed album "Out Of the Shadows" by my LA Blues combo from the 90's The Homewreckers.

More to come, both new and historical so please add yourself to the mailing list.

Peace SC


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