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Imagine John Lennon meeting God playing a kazoo!

Imagine John Lennon meets God playing a Kazoo! Now the only question is who was playing the Kazoo, Lennon or God? It's good to have a goal especially in lockdown, so It's my aim to release at least one new single each month. Some are completely new songs such as my last release Find A Way, some like this one were recorded before an indie artist such as myself could easily release music on established Download and Streaming sites such as Apple Music and Spotify. So here is a previously unreleased song that I wrote and recorded in 2009. Fallin' In Love With God Again. click below to hear the song and access direct links to Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon, Dezzer, Napster and more! It's also on Youtube here, don't forget to follow me for all new releases. Enjoy.

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