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Unloveable an EP by Steve Counsel & Beyond

My new summer EP is a mini Rock Opera or perhaps a Rock Novella would be closer, either way it explores storytelling across 5 songs focusing on several facets of the summer experience, such as cycling, protest marches, riots, love and surfing! Each song is a complete story in itself but together expand into a wider narrative.

The scene opens with the title track “Unloveable”, the story of a cyclist who makes a wrong turn and comes face to face with a protest march only to fall in love at first sight with one of the lead protestors.

Track 2 “A Voice From The Ghetto” takes us to a place where protests go wrong and become riots, our hero makes it home to watch the riot grow through a screen. The song is inspired by real life events, I started writing it when I lived in LA during the Rodney King riots, as shop were looted and burnt at the end of my block I heard an ex gang member on talk radio try to explain the reasons for the events, I remember he said they have saying in the ghetto which I use as the chorus of this song, I finished the song during the Tottenham riots here in London a different time and place but the same reason.

Our hero is than is shocked to find out his new love is obsessed with reality TV, and begins to suspect her radical pose at the head of the protest march was in fact a vain attempt at gaining her 15 minutes of fame! Track 3 “15 Minute Celebrity” explores our obsession with fame and the seedier side of the casting couch hollywood culture.

Somewhat disillusioned with how his day was going our hero decides to meditate on the true meaning of love in Track 4 “Love falls Like A Shadow”

Finally he concludes that the city is no place to be in the height summer and goes surfing instead, Track 5 “Blackbeard The Surfer”

What's your summer story? I'd love to hear it.


© 2017 by Steve Counsel.