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New Album Update: On God Street

New Album update: As some of you know I ran a fundraiser campaign earlier in the year to raise funds to finish my rock n roll gospel/worship album (I so want to call the genre "GodRock") I haven't said much about what's going on sorry, bad campaigner, and although we fell a little short of the original goal things are "going on," I guess this is God showing me he will provide what is needed not necessarily what I think is needed, I spent several months assembling the tracks and refining what was already there before delivering the masters to Tom Lillo in LA for the final overdubs and mix back in August, he's been working on it and it's sounding great so we should have the audio ready around Christmas in time for spring release. Even with two of us working on it, it just seems to take longer than one expects but hey "soon come" as they say in the islands. Now the art work and a new website are in order, unfortunately the funds raised so far are pretty much depleted with the production costs of the music. So if any of you can an suggest a cheap easy way of building a web site or perhaps help out with the artwork I'd be extremely grateful. Love and blessings to you and thank you for your support, if you pray please pray for open doors and favour. Cheers Steve